CMS Websites

In the quest for self-control of their websites, many people go to WordPress, Blogger, GoDaddy, Drupal, Joomla, or one of the many “free template” services, and sign up for free websites that they can “manage” themselves. In some cases, there is nothing wrong with that! What you can get through these blog services or “free website” services is a cookie cutter, simple design in an empty shell, void of content or originality. How you get […]

Your Home Page Content


So have you ever wondered just what the search engines see when they visit your site? Here’s a great way to get an idea of it. I’d like you to open another browser window so you can navigate to your website without losing my site window. I’ll assume you’ve done that. Now view the “source” code of that page. With each browser you will have to access this a little differently, but you’ll find the […]

Email linking on your site


The days of the mailto: email link should be long gone, but unfortunately there are still millions of those type of links out there. I don’t necessarily mean unfortunately for you or me; I mean unfortunately for the millions of people who are the poor recipients of email from such links out there. There are thousands of nasty little spambots out there just searching the web hour after hour, zeroing in on that little snippet […]