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How many blog posts is enough, or too many?


The NCAA this week announced a formal program limiting how often bloggers with media credentials can update their blog while attending championship college events.

The sports governing body set blogging limits for each sport. For example, those at football games can update their blogs three times per quarter and once at halftime. For basketball, bloggers can post five times per half, once at halftime and twice per overtime period.

When did it all come to this? It used to be acceptable to post to your blog once a month, or for the over-zealous, once a week. But 12 times WHILE watching a championship college basketball game?

Nowadays, the standard seems to be at least once per day for avid (non-media) bloggers. Personally I’m still lucky if I can squeeze once a week into my schedule! So am I not typical any more? Have the standards changed? I’d love to hear your blogging habits. How often do you post, and when you do, is it just “Hey, the weather stinks today!”, or do you really have profound posts every time?


Spinning wheels?


Do you ever just feel like your wheels are spinning, but you’re just not getting anywhere?

It’s easy to feel that way, but if you keep in mind that even just doing 5 minutes of work toward each goal you have each day, you will pick them off one by one.

My cup is half-full, not half-empty. I have set my goals and know that a little effort each day will get me where I want to go. A certain few relatives of mine have trouble with seeing beyond the overwhelming realities of their lives. This is the advice I give to them.

I’ll bet when you read my posts about all the projects I have going, the spinning wheel comes to mind. I’m a Mensan, you know. Mensans minds are always ticking with new ideas and how to accomplish them. The difference between a successful Mensan and an unsuccessful one is that successful Mensans never give up. Keep coming back, and watching my projects grow, one day at a time. I guarantee that my success is imminent. I know this because I never give up trying!

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