Many SEO Questions

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Jill Whalen has graciously allowed me to re-post her very appropriate article from her “High Rankings Advisor” eNewsletter this week: High Rankings Advisor: Many SEO Questions – Issue No. 311. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I get many questions about SEO, and Jill is the expert I seek my answers from. I am happy to give Jill this chance to share her expertise with my readers. I have subscribed to […]

Where Did Social Marketing Come From?


Long ago people sat around their radio to listen to their favorite radio show. They knew when it came on, and who sponsored it. Then they bought that sponsor’s products because they appreciated the radio show that sponsor produced. Then came the television. Ads made up less than ten minutes of each one-hour show. Again, people appreciated their sponsors and bought their products. This went on for close to 50 years. As the internet grew […]

Your Home Page Content


So have you ever wondered just what the search engines see when they visit your site? Here’s a great way to get an idea of it. I’d like you to open another browser window so you can navigate to your website without losing my site window. I’ll assume you’ve done that. Now view the “source” code of that page. With each browser you will have to access this a little differently, but you’ll find the […]